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Static Control Dongle Gear Solution Ruled Safe by ITC Judge

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Static Control 06 marca 2019
Static Control is pleased to announce that its dongle gear solution for CF226A/X, CE505A/X, CF280A/X, CF287A/X and CE255A/X and other related cartridges do not infringe Canon’s asserted patents according to an order issued by Judge Dee Lord of the International Trade Commission on February 28.
"Our stance from the very beginning of this was that our solution, marketed as SafeDrive, was just that - safe," said Static Control's General Counsel Skip London. "This ruling proves what we've known all along. Our design was a unique, non-infringing solution."
"We pride ourselves on being the IP leader of the aftermarket," London continued. "This is another instance that proves we take the necessary due diligence to give our customers the advantage of premium quality coupled with the most IP secure imaging solutions."
To learn more about Static Control’s SafeDrive solution, visit https://youtu.be/rcrVTciPaiA.
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